Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dancing "Pipsqueeks"

We went to Woodbury's Central Park this morning for a quick trip to the library before we saw a free kids' concert. Alex was excited to pick out some books and do some reading in her "quiet voice".

We saw the 'Mary Hall show for Pipsqueeks'. Alex enjoyed getting there a bit early and staking out some good seats because she got to watch Ms. Mary set up. She was fascinated by the folding chair and microphone stand! After the show started, kids flooded the stage. I was surprised when Alex said she wanted to go down and dance, too-- because she was one of the littlest ones out there, I kept a very close eye on the 'bigger kids' (especially a couple of older boys whose moms apparently were practicing selective parenting practices as they literally ran circles around poor Ms. Mary and all of her cords/equipment). Alex did a great job, though-- she danced, hopped and all around enjoyed the music!

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