Friday, October 9, 2009


We had intentions to head to the Children's Museum this morning, but after our morning chores (tidying up and laundry) Alex declared that she'd rather go to "Sparky's Zoo". I did inform her that it was too cold for Sparky's show (it only runs from Memorial Day - Labor Day :-( ), but she was adamant that we needed to visit to "see flippers". So off we went....
It was, however, bordering on chilly! Alexandra refused to let me attach the buggy blanket to the stroller (if any of you have little ones and do NOT have one of these, it is WELL worth the investment if you spend time outside during the fall/winter!), and instead opted for just a fall jacket and winter hat. I think it'll be our last trip to Como for the season, as they have very little 'inside' space for toddlers to run around in.
To celebrate our survival (and the arrival of the cold), we stopped for a treat in the cafe. Caramel latte for me, M&M cookie for Alex. She kept putting the cookie down between bites and re-wrapping it in it's saran wrap, declaring "Alex save". Then she would sit for a bit, look around and decide to unwrap it again for another bite. What a funny girl!

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