Saturday, October 31, 2009

Alex's 3rd Halloween!

To begin our official Halloween celebration, we started off the day as usual-- Saturday morning pancakes. These pancakes were a little 'spooky', though-- pumpkin pie spice and orange food coloring with a chocolate chip jack-o-lantern face!

Later in the day, Auntie Carrie stopped by for some impromptu pumpkin carving. At first Alex didn't want anything to do with the gooky innards, but by the end she was willing to get in there and 'help'! :-) She really wanted to help me carve it with the little knife, though--- maybe in a few more years.

Alex's completed pumpkin

We 'trick or treated' in three waves. First, Dave took Alex out for a 'trial run' to two neighbor houses. She was very excited about the prospect of getting free candy, and didn't want to stop, but it was quite chilly out. This video is her suiting up for her second trip out with Mama.

We lead the neighborhood in trick-or-treating. Since Alex's bedtime is relatively early, we went out around 5:00 or so, but the neighbors didn't mind us arriving a bit early, as my cowgirl had such good manners! She even got to pick out 2 pieces of candy to enjoy RIGHT AWAY!

After warming up and going one one final time, it was home again for Alex and her pony. The night wasn't over, however-- she got to hand out candy to "the kids". We've never lived in such a busy neighborhood-- Dave estimated we got 100+ trick or treaters!!! Alex took her job very seriously, as you can see below!

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