Saturday, September 26, 2009


First off, thank you to everyone who was able to attend Alex's 2nd Birthday ZooBilee! It was a great success and worth every moment of prep time (which was, needless to say, vast :-) We enjoyed a great party with about 18 guests who were able to join us! Here are some photos of the party (with SHORT captions)

The centerpiece was, of course, the Costco cake.......and a great many Schleich animals from Alex's personal collection were parading as well.Each dish had a 'zoo' name. This one was "Penguin Poppers".Alex and Graham working on a craft while waiting for more guests to arrive. (They really liked the glue dots....big hit)We 'fenced' off the yard with home-made flag banners and a sign to give the backyard a festive aire.Alex and Mama having a chat.First activity: Alligator Egg hunt! Cousin 'Jay-Jay' placed the eggs brilliantly so that the four toddlers could find them with ease. They had a fantastic time searching.But a better time comparing the 'prizes' inside (stickers and mini snakes/lizards)."Feed the Tiger" beanbag game was also a hit. Amelia loved giving the Mama tiger lots and lots of food.But, for all the pre-planned games I had lined up, the impromptu game of 'transfer ice from the beer cooler to the water table' seemed to be the most fun for ALL.We sang "Happy Birthday" outside, and Alex was elated to blow out her candles...and eat her cake!Thank you all for the wonderful presents. Among other things, Alex received a handmade apron, felted puppets, art/craft supplies, large manipulatives, a Norwegian dress and mittens, wonderful antique wooden nesting blocks, a 1907 penny, and tons of beautifully written (and illustrated) books!It's hard to tell, but Cousin Lauren is holding the webcam. Grandma Mary and Grandpa Bob were able to 'join' us via Skype for present opening. Alex was so happy to see them on the computer!
Alex and her doll wearing their new Norwegian outfits from GrandMama and GrandPapa Jones.

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