Monday, September 28, 2009

To top it all off....a trip to the ZOO!

Cathleen accompanied us to music class this morning (where she was a trooper-- marching around the room with a bunch of toddlers banging sticks together...). After class we decided that in order to end a weekend of Zoo-related festivities properly, we'd better head to the actual Zoo.

Did I mention that fall is my FAVORITE time of year? The weather was windy, but perfect-- brisk and cool enough to get by with just a sweater and jeans. How refreshing!
Alex was very excited to share the zoo with her Godmother. We headed to the Bald Eagle on the MN Trail first, followed by the Tropics, then a 'micnik' lunch in the cafe, a stroll down the Grizzly Coast, and then it was time for something NEW-- a treat to commemorate the occasion!
Alex and Uncle Willy (who finally hitched a ride back to Des Moines on Sunday) started watching a new PBS show called "Dinosaur Train". They both LOVE it (not kidding....Will is kind of addicted), and Alex was so excited to get to ride the "Dinosaur Train" (monorail) at the MN Zoo today. It was the first time she'd done so since she was an infant, and enjoyed every minute of it.

After we dropped Cathleen off at the airport to catch her return flight, we met Daddy at home. There was a wind advisory out today, so we decided to take advantage and try to fly our kites in the backyard. This attracted the attention of about six neighbor kids, who came over and took turns (very nicely) with Alex's kites. She enjoyed watching them try to fly the kites as much as she did when it was her turn to hold one!

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