Saturday, September 5, 2009

To The Hill!

We loaded up the three-car convoy and headed down to Northfield this morning to move Auntie Rorie in to Hoyme Dorm at St. Olaf College. How I love freshman move-in-- the JC's are there to move in your stuff! Thanks to their help, we got Rorie's stuff unloaded and into her convienently-located ground floor dorm room in record time.
Alex was a big help (I'm being only slightly sarcastic, as she was very well behaved and stayed out of the way most of the time). While in the room, she stayed where we plopped her-- on top of Rorie's fridge-- until GrandMama took her for some walks around campus. The highlight of Alex's trip was her encounter with Ole Lion. He was visiting the dorms, and she was enthused to see him. Not so interested in a hug, but waving from afar was fantastic!
Auntie Rorie is all set for a fantastic first year. Her room is all set up and super cute and her roomate is friendly (a great first step)! Just think-- when she graduates, Alex will be almost 6 years old... and then we're officially done with students at St. Olaf until the class of 2029 starts!

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