Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sick: Day Three.....I can't take it anymore, we're going out!

We had to postpone yet another playdate today because we're pretty sure we're over it, but didn't want to expose our friends right before the Labor Day weekend. We NEEDED to get out of the house, however, and so I started searching for an outing that would let us spend time outside, away from people.

We ended up at Afton Apple Orchard at 10am sharp to pick raspberries! Alex isn't contagious anymore, so I decided that this would be a fun morning. It was very quiet-- we were the first people there and were done picking before any of the day care groups invaded our rows.

Afterwards, we played at their giant playground and visited the many 'hungry' animals in the petting zoo. Very fun! We will definitely be back later this fall for apple picking when the Honeycrisp trees are ready (my favorite).

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