Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Preparing for a new 'family member'

GrandMama brought up the idea of setting up our old fish tank so that Alex could have her own version of 'Dorothy' (Elmo's goldfish, for those of you out of the loop). We hauled it out of the garage, cleaned it up and got it ready to go. Today Alex and I took at trip to Petco to buy some new gravel.
Petco has kid-sized carts, so, in the grand tradition of Alex having to pull her own weight, she got to load up her mini cart and push it to the register.At home, after setting up the gravel, Alex 'helped' Uncle Willy get the office ready for its new coat of paint. She sat at her picnic table and dis/re-assembled the vent covers for a good 15 minutes!

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