Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Popular Place

Well-- it wasn't actually, which is what makes the following coincidence even better! Alex, Uncle Willy and I headed off to the MN Children's Museum this morning, thanks to Brad (who gave Al & me a year membership as our joint birthday presents!). We entered just as storytime started!

Then it was off to the water room, definitely one of Alex's favorite spots....and look who we ran into there! Our friends Amelia, Graham and Maddie with their mommies! How funny! The kids had fun playing with the boats and bubbles-- then Amelia, Graham and Maddie headed off to explore another room, and Alex and Uncle Willy started to figure out the inner workings of a factory.
Writing a Memo "From the Desk of Alex" to her employees.
Showing off her butterfly
What a fantastic gift! Alex and I will spend many, many hours here, I can tell (especially in the winter). Thanks so much Brad :-)

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