Friday, September 4, 2009

Little Gym and Apple Picking!

We've been looking for another gym class to take this fall, and found ourselves back at the Little Gym today. As much as we loved our YMCA class, it doesn't work out schedule-wise. We were reminded what a GREAT program they have at Little Gym (and what cool equipment!!). I was absolutely shocked when Alex ran into class ahead of me, fully participated in ALL aspects of class (even allowing a strange teacher to use her in a demo!), and demonstrated obvious physical aptitude for gymnastics (the teacher guessed she was 2 1/2 years old based on her performance). I think we'll enroll.
GrandMama also had a great time! She and Alex bounced their way down the air track!!

After our gym class, we headed home to pick up everyone else and took them to Afton Orchard for some apple picking! Alex acted like she ran the place, directing us where to go.
Getting a ride from Uncle Willy.

We ended up with 20 lbs of apples and another 3 pints of raspberries...... it's home-made apple sauce tonight!

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LeCrisCooper said...

It's so great to see Alex...all grown like a little person... well, she is, and she is all what one has in mind of what a wonderful little lady is! 'Hope to see you both...sometime!!!