Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Introducing Penelope & Ichabod...

Penelope (or "Penny") the goldfish and Ichabod the white snail (not pictured) joined our family at approximately 6:45pm this evening. They came to us from the Woodbury Tamarack Village PetSmart.
(Sorry GrandMama.....I was all set to have you bring one as a birthday present, but believe it or not Dave was the one who got ancy and couldn't wait to see Alex's reaction!). It took three adults and one toddler to pick out the 'perfect' fish. We named both the fish and snail on the ride home. We were all suggesting fish names, but Alex wouldn't respond when suggestions like "Gladys" or "Aretha" were made. When I said "Penelope", she said "Yes- Penny!" Uncle Willy dubbed the snail "Ichabod", and this was apparently also an acceptable name.

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