Monday, September 14, 2009

Day One without Daddy

Well, last night we lost Daddy to a series of (2 to 3-- not sure yet) week long business trips to Chicago, so we're trying to keep as busy as possible. Today we started our pre-pre-school curriculum using What your PreSchooler Needs to Know by E.D. Hirsch (a part of the Core Knowledge Series of curriculum). We focused on science, and started to learn about animals. After doing a bit of reading, we started making "Alex's Book of Animals" using pictures we found together in my old magazines. We'll be working on this for a while, but here's the first few pages (which Alex will surely decorate and color more).
Luckily, Uncle Willy has volunteered to hang out and keep us company for a while. It's a good thing, too--because Alex's birthday/Christmas gift from Gramps & Grams arrived today, and Uncle Willy gets to start seal-coating the wood before we assemble it.
Watching the delivery of the 'park' for her backyard. She's REALLY excited, and doesn't seem to grasp the concept that it'll be a few weeks before it's up and running.

We took Uncle Willy out for a fancy lunch today. Yep- that's Sam's Club. Sometimes splitting a hot dog and slice of pizza after picking up supplies just hits the spot.

The highlight of our day, however, I don't have any pictures from (darn!) My friend Helen, who is the director of Kindermusik of the Valley, heard about Dave's trips and invited us to take a field trip and drop in on class. We took her up on her offer, and Alex had a fantastic time at class last night. She was a fantastic direction follower-- watching Miss Helen closely for cues and instructions. The only problem was that (as class started at 5:45pm), she got tired quickly, declaring "Mama- Alex REALLY tired" (which prompts me to dissect my own vernacular-- do I really use the word "REALLY" that much ;-)

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