Sunday, September 27, 2009

The day after...

Sunday was "lounge around in our sweatshirts" day! We started out with a waffle bar for all of our houseguests (we had 11 people sleeping in our house last night!), and after our family all left, Alex and her Godmother Cathleen played outside on the grass for a while.

Then I walked into a full out DANCE PARTY in my kitchen! :-)

We were overjoyed to see Auntie Carrie this afternoon/evening. She was unable to be at the ZooBilee, so she raced over here today to spend some time with her "favorite niece".

Alex, Auntie Carrie and Cathleen made dinner for us all. We made a homemade Margherita pizza with 'from scratch' crust, fresh pesto (complements of basil from Great-Auntie Robyn's garden), fresh tomatoes (also from Superior, WI), and a beautiful log of fresh mozzerella cheese (made from my new Holstein-Angus mix, Gertrude).

Ok- so we didn't have homemade cheese from a fictious cow, but everything else was fresh from the land! What a treat (if only I'd taken a photo of the finished product...)

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