Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy, busy monkey!

Well, I apologize for the spotty updates, but unfortunately it will continue for the next few days, as preparations for Alex's 2nd Birthday Zoo-Bilee! are underway (even her lilypie ticker at the top of the blog has been changed in anticipation of her celebration theme). Alex received a package from Grandma Mary yesterday, and per her instructions, was able to open part of her birthday present early. She has been running around the house with various animal masks on all day long! (She thinks it's really funny to 'scare' Will and me when she's wearing the tiger mask).
The cookies are done-- baked, frosted and individually wrapped-- and all the decorations are ready to go, too (I was inspired to create reusable banners to string up around the yard). Now it's down to food prep and cleaning the house. It's been invaluable having Uncle Willy around to help watch Alex while I vacuum and organize!


Grandma M. said...

Cutest monkey EVER!

Courtney said...

Super cute! Where did Grandma find it?

Amy said...