Wednesday, September 30, 2009

...and Alex came tumbling after

Alex wasn't feeling the best today, so we started off the day by lounging around in our pj's. She actually took a HUGE tumble down the stairs (she was wearing her cowboy hat and carrying her blankie which got wrapped around her feet) from the top of the studio to the first landing. It was horrifying to watch her trip in (what seemed like) slow motion. Thankfully, she rolled sideways instead of head over heels, and was more scared than hurt. (Well, as she said, "a little scared, Mama") We also seem to have picked up a cold (yuck), so a day of rest and pampering is always good for that.
This afternoon, she was feeling a bit more peppy, so we decided to try out the new watercolors that she got for her birthday (thanks Grandma Mary!) After a quick tutorial, she was ready to go! What an enjoyable afternoon-- I got to sew and even sketch a little while Alex painted and colored in the studio next to me. I find it developmentally interesting that she has just started consistently identifying 'subjects' of her drawings. How fun!

She was very proud to be drawing 'just like Mama'! Her latest work is entitled "Mommy and Daddy". I was impressed by the many variants of blue she ended up with-- no help or suggestions from Mama, either!

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Melissa and Jeff said...

After sharing ice cubes from the beverage cooler at the party this past weekend, I bet Alex, Graham and Amelia all have the same cold-bummer! Luckily, today is day 3 for us and we're doing MUCH better. I hope Alex perks up soon!