Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Almost 2 (2 days left!)

Alex went to school this morning with her new Birthday outfit on! Her teacher, Ms. Marjorie, had a special sticker for her and led the class in singing Happy Birthday! Mamas finally separated to another room for a short while this morning, and while some kids had a rough time, Alex was excited to keep playing with her friends. Her favorite activity today was to work at the play workbench, "building houses for dog".
After class, we headed to the Mall of America. Every Tuesday ("Toddler Tuesday"), Underwater Adventures offers half price memberships. I was reluctant to believe the rumors, but they are true! We got a year long double membership (for Dave and me, since Under 3's are free) for $35!!!
We had a gift card to Rainforest Cafe, and Alex and I enjoyed a nice lunch. We made sure to sit far enough away from the gorillas so they weren't threatening, but Alex needed to still keep them in sight, just so they didn't creep up on her. She was a bit disconcerted by their occasional 'performance' until we made up a silly story about the conversation they were having with each other.
My Birthday Girl had a great morning. We did stop by Janie & Jack for a few more pieces from their sale rack (.....of course), and also had a surprise! Alex and I have tickets to go see "I Like Me" (based on the children's book by MN author Nancy Carlson) Thursday in Hopkins. The kids from the ensemble just happened to be giving a sneak peek performance this morning at the MOA! I'm really glad I bought tickets, because Alex was enthralled with the dancing and singing. She even got to meet some of the cast after the performance, and they volunteered to sing her "Happy Birthday" after Thursday's show!

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