Saturday, September 12, 2009

"Alex Ride Horse!"

After Little Gym this morning, we tried to get Alex to take a nap.....she refused- sitting for 2 hours in her crib, alternating between bouncing and screaming "Alex get up!". Finally I decided to forget it, and packed her up to go to Northfield for Defeat of Jesse James Days. Our first stop was Auntie Rorie's dorm room. Alexandra was overjoyed to see her Auntie (you'd think it had been more than a week!)-- insisting that Auntie hold her. Then it was off to the 'fair'! Alex thoroughly enjoyed a sampling of fair food (including this gigantic lemonade which she promptly spilled all over her dress). She also charmed her Auntie into letting her play a carnie game. Right before we were ready to leave, we spied the Holy Grail of Alex's day....a pony ride! The woman running it was a bit skeptical that Alex would be able to ride, but I assured her that she had prior experience (I did ask that she have an 'escort' next to her- just in case). Alex hopped on, and had a fantastic ride. The owner expressed shock at how calm and collected my almost 2 year old was. Even with the pony stopping and starting somewhat suddenly, she sat straight and tall in the saddle with instant confidence. She talked through the whole ride- "Alex ride horse. Alex loves horse. Hold on tight!"

After the ride, we took Auntie out for an early dinner at El Tequila and then dropped her off. Wouldn't you know, my exhausted child sacked out on the car ride home and we transferred her directly into bed for the night.

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