Saturday, August 29, 2009

Woodbury Days

Woodbury Days happened to fall during a visit from Gramps and Grams (Steve and Sue). We enjoyed the fall-like weather outside practically all day long!
The first order of business was to ride the carousel. Alex was gung-ho about getting on the horse, but as soon about 45 seconds after it started going up and down, she wanted OFF! Dave ended up just holding her as the platform went around and around.
Then, after walking around for a while, we found the petting zoo! One of the nicest I've been to-- the farmer who owned all the animals was right there, walking around and making sure they were being treated nicely. He always stopped by each pen to tell us the names of the animals we were looking at, and how old they were.
After petting her animal friends, Alex wanted to ride the ponies. I was hesitant, as the carousel ride ended poorly, but the woman operating the pony ride (which, by the way, had the nicest looking ponies I've ever seen giving rides- glossy coats, full bellies, content looks) said we could try, and if she didn't like it we wouldn't have to pay.

Wouldn't you know it, Alex got on and was perfectly at home in the saddle. Dave posted a short video clip, but here's a long version. Each pony had a handler walking next to it, just to make sure that everyone was safe (ponies and kids).
It was really hard to drag Alex away from the ponies, but we did eventually find a jumper that made up for it. She was the smallest kid in there, but that didn't stop her from having a blast.
Slowing down for a 'mik-nik' of pizza and water, watching a show on stage. What a fun day!

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