Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Telluride: Day Three

We decided to do a quasi-hike along the River Walk in Telluride this morning. Alex liked the hike, but she LOVED the river with it's pebbly shore. We spent QUITE a bit of time throwing rocks, pinecones, and other sundry items into the river.
Every Tuesday evening, the town of Telluride has a 'Pop Science' experiment and lecture aimed at kids in the main plaza of Mountain Village. Tonight was a Bubble-based lesson. Alex held her own with all the pushy, shovey older kids in order to play with the bubbles.
Auntie Carrie, Dave and I went into town to have some pizza, so Grandma Mary and Papa Bob were in charge. Alex played at a park, rode the Gondola again, and then hung out on her 'Caterpillar' quilt!
Exhausted from a long day of vacationing!

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