Thursday, August 20, 2009

Catching up with old friends!

We were so excited to have some of our old Prior Lake friends, the Rutlands, make the trek up to Woodbury for a playdate today. Shayna, Megan and Matthew have known Alex since she was weeks old (actually, they technically met her in utero when I attended a MOMS Club meeting 8 months pregnant). We've missed them terribly, and it was great fun to show them the new house and catch up!Alex adores these two 'big kids' and idolizes them-- as you can tell by the photos, she was ready to do WHATEVER it was they were doing!Later in the afternoon we decided to ignore the weather and play outside for a bit. It didn't last long, as the rain got heavier and heavier, but Alex had fun just standing in the driveway in her raingear. She was very amused at the fact that I put on my raincoat and rainboots, too!

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Emma Mae said...

And the picture of Mom in her rain gear is where? :)