Thursday, August 27, 2009

Applique Madness

Auntie Carrie was over this morning to visit- and Alex loved ordering her around (ie: "Auntie run NOW!") and helping her create the perfect mixed-media piece with cotton balls, glue, and wiggly eyes.
Since Alex seems to be coming down with a bit of a cold, we took it easy today. I outfitted her tent with blankets, pillows, and some stuffed animals, and she hung out in there most of the morning. During her nap, I managed to put the finishing touches on three more shirts. I'm having so much fun designing them!
A goofy Alex models the shirt she picked for the afternoon.


Hwaguy said...

I know this is a little bit overly persnickety, but I think they are called "googly eyes", and not "wobbly eyes"

Emma Mae said...

I think your appliques call for another online business!!!