Monday, July 20, 2009

when 99 degrees feels cool!

In order to really do anything outside at this time of the year in Phoenix, one must rise before the sun. Grandma Mary, Papa Bob, Alex and I headed to the Phoenix Zoo at 7am this morning in order to enjoy it in the relative coolness of the day.We had a great time! The animals were all active and playful (we even saw an eland playing with an ostrich). Alex was well-rested and ready for a day! She insisted on walking everywhere, and since we were basically one of 5 families at the zoo that early, we could let her.
Somehow, we got off of the normal path that we've taken on past trips, and experienced a whole different set of animals and exhibits. Alex got to go into the monkeys' 'house' (an aviary-type exhibit with squirrel monkeys) to visit them and watch them eat their breakfast! How cool is that?

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