Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What the Babies left...

Well- last night was not the smoothest bedtime in history. After delivering the box of 'Nooks' to the front porch, Alex spent an hour and a half vehemently protesting her 'decision' to give them to the Babies, but she eventually fell asleep.

This morning, she was a bit apprehensive about looking outside on the porch (she kept talking about a 'boy' who brought the presents), but after she saw the pile of gift that the Babies left her, she was very happy.

She was happier, still, to put on her new Pull-ups! She insisted on taking off her diaper and putting them on right then....on the front of the neighborhood :-)

The babies must have known Alex was starting to learn how to use the potty, because they also left two potty training books for her. One of which features Elmo and noise-making buttons. For all of you who know my toy philosophy, this is a BIG DEAL!! We have never bought her any toys that use batteries, so she was thrilled to hear the toliet flush again and again as she pushed the buttons. I may live to regret it, but I thought now was an appropriate time for a huge treat! (Note the discarded diaper at her feet-- no more diapers, except for bedtime and potentially plane trips).
The most exciting thing, though, are the pull-ups!

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