Friday, July 17, 2009

We're leaving on a jet plane---

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. There's no free lunch in the Marotz family. Alex had to work for her plane trip-- she was such a great helper in the airport. I was amazed at how easy (relatively) it was for her and me to get our bags checked in, through security and on the plane!
I'm not sure why this photo keeps showing up sideways, but it's testimony to Alex's best plane flight yet! She was a perfect travel was Hippo (yes-- we hauled him along, too). She entertained herself with her books, crayons, magna doodle and personal DVD player. The most remarkable part was when she was experiencing some ear pain from pressure changing on the descent. I broke down and gave her a 'nook' (explaining that the airplane was letting us 'borrow' it just for the 'down, down, down' part). She took it and it helped tremendously (thanks, Mom-- yes, you're always right), but after we landed I put it away and there were no tears!
We started our Phoenix vacation with a traditional stop at Reynoso's Mexican restaurant. Mmmm..... Alex enjoyed the chips and a cheese quesadilla.
Then, because it was 115 degrees out, we hit the pool! Alex was quite content to dangle her legs in the water and throw toys in for Grandma Mary to retrieve.
As if new toys and swimming weren't enough of a treat, Grandma Mary had made some special cupcakes for Alex. Elmo cupcakes on a 'Bob' plate!!
Enjoying her poolside treat.
After the extra sugar rush, she was back in the pool with Grandma! What a great day!

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