Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Two New Friends-- Preston and Baxter!

Well, Preston isn't a NEW friend, but we hadn't visited with him and his Dad, Jake, for a while! Dave, Alex and I headed down to Northfield for dinner at Hogan Brothers this evening. Dave and his college friends are planning a Boundary Waters adventure next week, so some of them had a preliminary canoe-swap dinner tonight. Alex got to 'meet' Pete, Tom, Jake and Preston, and have her first 1/3 Turkey Hoagie!

The kids colored through dinner, and Alex made sure to give Tom a picture to take home. After supper, Preston and Alex walked out of Hogan Brothers hand in hand, and were elated to be introduced to Tom's 'baby'- Baxter the Springer Spaniel with a heart of gold (ie: TONS of gentle kisses for the kids).

We let the kids play across from Hoyme Hall for a good long while. Alex thought the best game ever was when Preston would run up behind her and hug/tackle her to the ground. She laughed and laughed-- I wish I had video! In fact, I wish I had my camera (it's still MIA), but Dave's iPod did a fairly good job.....excuse the blurry action shots.

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Bloggin BB said...

I am so bummed we couldn't make it last night! After hearing there was a trip Hogan Brother's in the works, I've been craving it! :) YAY to first hoagies!