Saturday, July 25, 2009

Presenting....Dave's office!

So we've almost been in our new house for three months, and we finally got around to getting the last of the boxes out of Dave's office and getting it organized!

As you can see, the office is also Alex's gallery. Thanks to Ikea, we were able to install a collection of Alex's works on the west wall. I'm really excited about this space because thanks to the clip hooks, it will be a rotating display!

The only other thing we purchased for this room is the great Ikea blonde shelving unit that currently is our office and craft supply rack. The little picnic table is vintage Morrison family. The two desks were old Target-quality pressboard desks that I painted 'Citrus Burst' (or, as Dave likes to exclaim- "Macaroni & Cheese"). Finally, Dave has a spot for his beloved collection of vintage beer least until Alex's playroom is converted into a home theater (about 15 years in the future).

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