Friday, July 31, 2009

Off to the ...err.....Swine Races!!

Rorie, Alex and I headed to the Washington County Fair today to soak up the....culture :-) It was a perfect day for roaming about the fairgrounds! Alex absolutely LOVED the experience, and was very sad to leave. She's a farm girl at heart, for sure. Here are some highlights from our trip.

First stop was the goat barn. Hello, friends!

Then it was time for Alex's first sno-cone. I think she approved!

The children's barn had some friendly animals to talk to. For some reason, she adored the sheep but was petrified of the calf napping in the corner of the pen. She wouldn't go near it!

The best part of the day was the swine racing! I think I could be addicted to this sport. It's pretty funny to see eight pigs jostling and flat out running for an Oreo cookie.

After the racing it was time for a visit to the Midway! Alex and Mama went down the big slide together (sorry about the sideways video-- apparently Auntie has issues with her camera) ;-)

Walking around looking at rides and games is exhausting! Better stop and refuel with a funnel cake (also a first for my daughter).
We had a fantastic trip to the fair! While the MN State Fair is something we normally do, I find the slower-paced, more agriculturally-based county fairs to be lots more fun! I mean-- pig racing!

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