Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Nooks for Babies"

This morning I bit the bullet and decided to make today Alex's last day with her Nooks. As it is, she only uses them for naps, bedtime and car rides, so the transition won't be that hard-- right??

We started off by talking about what a big girl she is now, and how (since she's not a baby anymore) she doesn't need her nooks. Then we searched and searched to find the perfect box for packing up her nooks and sending them to "the Babies". We looked and looked around the house to find all of the rogue nooks and pack them away!

Then came the time for decorating the box. When she is ready, we'll put the box for "the Babies" on the porch and the mailman will come. Then, tomorrow morning "the Babies" will send her a present as a Thank You! (Stay tuned to see what comes tomorrow...) How much do you think International Shipping is for a box of Nooks?

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