Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

We had a fantastic, Midwestern Fourth of July! Even though I grew up in Iowa (and we currently live in Minnesota), I'd never truly experienced a small-town Fourth. We headed into Flandreau for a Church and a Hymn sing led by GrandPapa. The service was in an old meeting house / school / church. Alex loved singing and praying (we got a kick out of her-- she refused to fold her hands in prayer, and instead held them up like 'Papa' was doing).

After Church we headed out to explore the City Park, Museum and grounds. It was the weekend of the Flandreau High School all-alumnae reunion, and we were able to enjoy concerts from both the All-Alumni choir and band. Alex also got to play with some 'ducks' (we gave the ladies at the booth $2 to let her just splash--she could have cared less about the game attached to the ducks).

Alex and "Boomy" (Boomer the Gentle Giant)

Alex and Annabelle in the playhouse.

The girls worked hard collecting green apples.

Back at the farm, family came from far and near to celebrate Independence Day. Alex had a fantastic time playing with cousins Aliyah and Annabelle. (Auntie Rorie was deemed the 'coolest' person ever, and did a great job entertaining all the kids).

Alexandra ended up staying awake until 8:15pm-- it might be a new record! We were so tired from the day's activities, however, that we opted out of fireworks and just went to bed early.

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Grandma M. said...

Happy 4th of July to you all!
It looks like you have a great spot to celebrate and relax.