Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Big News...

Nope-- we're not pregnant. But I DID just launch my new e-business, Beloved Buddy Memory Quilts in my Etsy store. (This is why we've been lax on Alex updates for the last few days....that and the fact that I've misplaced my camera :-( ).

Basically I started this as an alternative to the traditional cremation/urn options for grieving pet owners. It allows people to use the mementos (bandannas, swatches of beds, collars, leashes, etc) they have to create a tribute for their beloved pet.

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Emma Mae said...

HONEY, I'm SO proud of you!!!! I'm truly sorry I've been so MIA lately - can't believe I missed the big news! But I am so utterly in awe of your talents; good for you to take this step and share your gifts with the world. As Emma would say "Woohoo!" :)