Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Zoo Babies

Where do you go when it's a super hot and sticky?? The zoo, of course! We met our friends Megan and Emma at the zoo for a playdate today. The girls had so much fun 'catching up'.Megan treated Alex to a once-in-a-lifetime experience- we got to feed a giraffe! Alex walked right up to him with no fear and offered him a cracker. She wasn't too sure she wanted to repeat the experience, however, and had me feed him the next one.

As it was super hot, we didn't get to all our normal haunts (the farm, rainforest, or minnesota trails). We did go prepared, however. They have a neat fountain play area where the girls donned their bathing suits and played for a while (mommies played, too.....it was HOT out!)
Happy after cooling off-- she refused to run through the fountain, but she liked soaking her hat in the cold water.

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