Monday, June 1, 2009

Spider Monkey Madness

As Rorie and I prepare to leave for our trip (3 more days!), we're trying to squeeze in lots of fun stuff with Alex before we go. Today we decided to go have another 'pik-nih' and see Sparky at Como Zoo. Unfortunately, Mondays are Sparky's day off, but we could still visit him in his exhibit. We did get a 'show', of sorts, at the spider monkey exhibit. They were acting pretty silly, chasing each other and playing tag. Alex and Rorie spent quite a while observing them. Auntie Rorie did Alex's hair this morning, and I had to take a snapshot to show everyone how cute it was. Why is it that Aunties are so good at this type of thing, and Mommies don't have the patience?

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