Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Movie and (Impromptu) Dinner Date

We met Emma and Megan at the Kerasotes Inver Grove Heights movie theater this afternoon for a toddler-friendly viewing of "Up". I wrote about these great Tuesday showings last year, but just in case you forgot the theater keeps the lights up slightly, the volume down slightly, and everyone going knows that there are kids there (and doesn't really care if your child talks/fusses).

The movie was fantastic- actually very sentimental (I had tears in my eyes multiple times.....but then again, I cry at just about any movie)! Alex actually sat through the entire thing. In her seat. Eyes glued to the screen (except when she was eyeing Emma's popcorn). She commented to me throughout the show, talking about the things she saw. It was great :-)

After the movie, we found out that Megan and Emma were going to be sans Daddy for the evening, so we invited them over for an impromptu playdate. As always, I put the kids straight to work in the kitchen (they assembled bruschetta) :-)
Here they are enjoying the fruits of their labor. Thanks for a fun afternoon, ladies!

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