Friday, June 12, 2009

If It's Friday, This Must Be Park #6

Yes, another day, another park! Actually, we began the day with a trip to the MN Zoo. It was a hoppin' place and a very warm place, once the sun rose higher. Yeah, I know, never content with the weather; as I say, I'm from Phoenix and it's ALWAYS the same: I can count on it! We visited our fair quota of animals and then got out of there before more school buses of kids in matching tshirts unloaded! Auntie Carrie came by this afternoon and we walked to the school playground for some tire swings, more slides and tunnels. Hmmmm, Grandma has bruised knees from scampering (yes, I scampered on my knees, if that's possible) through plastic tunnels. Daddy arrived home just after we returned from our playing; perfect timing for dinner.

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Amy said...

FINALLY had a chance to check the blog. You're doing a fantastic job, Mary! (Oh- and, btw Dave, this comment is costing .65 / min)":-)

We're at sea today, visiting Pompeii and Herculaneum tomorrow, and then back on land in Rome.

Alex-- Mama can't wait to give you BIG hugs and kisses! I love you so much, and have picked up a few 'surprises' for you on the trip. I miss you and will see you very soon!