Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Day, Amelia!

Alex has been prepping for celebrating 'happy days' for a while now, and it was fantastic to be able to help Amelia and her family celebrate her first birthday, Korean style!The Dol table was beautiful, piled high with heaping towers of rainbow candies (assembled by Melissa herself) to signify good fortune. During her Doljabi ceremony (a fortune-telling tradition- the baby sits in front of a table of various foods and an assortment of objects and is urged to pick up one of the items, each item having symbolic meaning), Amelia sat and thoughtfully took in all the choices in front of her. After a moment she reached toward the pink thread, signifying a long life.

There was a kiddie table full of activities and snacks to keep everyone occupied.
The fish tank, however, was definitely the social gathering spot for the 'under 3' crowd.

Thanks for including us on your Happy Day, Amelia! We had a splendid time.

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