Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Grandma Mary Arrives!

Alex waited all day for Grandma Mary to arrive from Phoenix. We passed the morning away making playdough jewelry and reading stories. We've talked about how Mama and Auntie Rorie are going on a plane and then a boat tomorrow, and how they will be back soon and Mama will bring her BIG hugs and kisses. I've recorded some bedtime stories and we have a picture of the 'boat' on the fridge so that she can see where we are. Judging from the clinginess and cuddliness of my kiddo, she understands that change is in the air. She'll have TONS of fun with Daddy and Grandma, though.

Tonight she modeled her custom-made gardening gloves (complements of Grandma's sewing skills) and helped Daddy repot his tomato plant. We don't have a garden yet, but Dave and I couldn't stand thinking about a summer w/o fresh tomatoes!

This will be my last blog entry for a while. We're scheduled to return on June 18th, so look for some updates made by Grandma Mary and Daddy while we're away.

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