Friday, May 8, 2009

Unplanned Days

After spending our garage sale budget in a matter of 20 minutes this morning (note to all you avid garage-salers out there- Stonemill Farms sales are CRAZY-- I'd say as good as Bryn Mawr, except you do have to get in and out of the car a bit more), we were back at home with a painting, some candlesticks, and a giant sheep chair as well as an entire unplanned day. So.....I asked Alex what she would like to do, and we jumped into the car to go to the "Boo".

We hadn't been to Como for a while, and arriving, had our pick of parking spots. Little did I know that the park doesn't open until 10am (we got there at 9:15am). As I was getting Alex out of her carseat so that she could run around for a while, a man approached our vehicle from the back saying something about "bums". This is why I rarely go into the city (j/k). I turned around to size this person up, and it was my cousin Ed! How strange that of all days, he was bringing some clients of his to the zoo. How strange that we BOTH arrived 45 minutes early! We chatted until the door opened, and then went our separate ways-- but it was so much fun to run into him.

Alex loves the primate exhibits. Even though it was incredibly crowded, she elbowed her way up to the glass in order to see the spider monkeys and tamarins playing. She was thrilled to see the baby orangutan playing with it's Mama. In fact, Alex figured out that they were playing peek-a-boo with an old shirt. While everyone else around us just kept saying "what are they doing?" "why does she keep covering her face?", Alex turned to me and said "boo- (which not only means 'zoo', but also 'peek-a-boo'), baby, Mama" and then signed 'monkey'.

We had time this morning to visit the conservatory gardens as well. Alex takes special care of her 'baby plants' at home, and was excited to see some more. We visited the beautiful sunken gardens and took time to carefully smell ALL the flowers. As we left, a docent came up to me and said " I just had to stop and compliment you on your child's behavior. There are very few children who know that flowers are to smell and not to touch! What a lovely little girl". I was beaming, and Alexandra got to pick out a toy at the gift shop for her behavior (a Schliech baby orang, of course!)
The gardens were lovely, and I can't wait for a return visit! As a sweet ending to our visit, we rode the Carousel. During the ride itself, Alex didn't look too thrilled, but afterward and on the ride home she talked and talked about the 'neighs' and how Mama and Alex rode them together.

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