Sunday, May 24, 2009

'Um Ya Ya' for Uncle Willy!

We loaded up and made it to Olaf for Uncle Willy's graduation (a note of warning to all you who have kids exactly 4 years makes for one crazy graduation weekend!). After hanging out with Uncle Willy for a while, packing up the vehicles and having a picnic lunch (as well as meeting his Econ profs who gushed over our little 'cabbage patch' girl), we let him get about the business of graduating.

Our Ole classmates/friends Beth and Josh were there to support Josh's younger brother, and they brought their little sweetie- Laura. Alex was interested in the baby. They joined us on the outskirts of the track under a tree where the kids could just relax. We couldn't hear the speeches too well, but it was worth it for Alex to be able to run around and blow bubbles during the graduation.
Congratulations, Will!

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