Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To Des Moines!

On our way down to Auntie Rorie's graduation we met up with Alex's Baptismal Sponsor Jeff and his brother Jon. They come up from Phoenix each summer to visit relatives. We managed to talk them into meeting at El Tequila in Faribault (the site of one of my first dates with Dave). Alex seemed to enjoy the company as much as the tortilla chips- and the salsa! She actually requested more 'dip', even when she obviously was shocked by the spicy stuff. What a girl!

When we got to GrandMama and GrandPapa's house, Alex remembered immediately that they had a 'park' in their backyard. She spent a long time playing on it, and then wandered around the garden, smelling the 'babies'.

Relaxing with Daddy after a long day in the car.

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