Thursday, May 7, 2009

Safety First

Alex and I ponied up on the red wagon to hit the neighborhood garage sales yesterday morning. It was such a nice day out-- we packed some water, some bunny grahams, sunscreen and the camera and hit the road.
At our first stop, Alex got a new bike helmet. She was so excited about the dogs on it that she insisted on wearing it for the rest of the morning. She only removed it to play at the park, and wanted to put it back on immediately afterwards. What can I say-- she's safety conscious.
Other than the helmet, we picked up some clothing (of course), and dress-up items. Alexandra's favorite is definitely her kitty ears and tail. She put them on as soon as we got home and thus proceeded to be a 'kitty' for the rest of the afternoon. Percy and Huxley didn't quite know what to think. I encouraged the kitty play until I found Alex up to her wrists in the boys' water bowl. Then we moved on to something else :-)

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