Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day-- day of memories

Alex and GrandMama spent most of Memorial Day planting more 'babies', it seems as if the gardening gene skipped a generation and went straight from my mother into my daughter. We got some seeds planted as well as my windowbox!
On our way to a local greenhouse, we stopped at an old farmhouse to take a look around. This just happened to be the same farmhouse that I lived in for a while as a young girl. GrandPapa Claude pulled into the driveway as the owner was planting tomatoes outside. After chatting for a while, we were invited inside to see how the restoration had come (when my parents lived there, they gutted it completely in order to begin renovations, but then had to move before they got to really start anything). I wasn't surprised that I didn't remember many details, but I was surprised by the things I did remember (jumping on the couch, running around the corner into the kitchen, my parents making Grasshoppers in a blender, trying to hide the ice cream treat from me (I think I snuck out of bed)).
It was neat that Alex got to visit-- even if she had no idea where she was.
The barn that was SUPPOSED to house my pony. Yep= still bitter. It was a slight compensation to learn that the barn was now on the register of Historic Places, and featured in a calendar of old barns! It would have looked better with my pony in it.
So......I love my new house, but someday I'd love to tackle homesteading a farm. Sigh-- after the lotto.

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