Thursday, April 2, 2009

Welcome Home, Amelia!! :-)

We waited all day today to go to the airport to welcome our friends the Olsons home from Korea! Alex and I stopped at the party store on the way there to pick out two special balloons- one for Baby Amelia and one for her big brother, Graham. Alex selected an Elmo head balloon for her buddy (of course), and we found a pretty pink baby girl balloon for the girl of the day!There is really no describing the experience of being there to welcome home a new family-- and it was so special to witness Graham meet his baby sister for the first time. He was SO glad to see his Mama and Daddy-- and Melissa and Jeff were visibly elated to have their whole family together at last. We are so happy for them- what beautiful picture!

Graham's support group- waiting with him were Alex and his little friend Maddie!
Melissa and her princess!

Alex and Amelia- :-) Now....if we can figure out how to make sure they're roomies at Olaf!

Daddy got Amelia laughing after a long day of travel-- how cute is she??

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