Monday, April 27, 2009

Moving Day!! (or Moving WEEKEND)

Well, I'm finally able to catch my breath and start up the blog again. Moving really is an endeavor! I'll give everyone a quick recap of the moving day events, and then get to the pictures!We closed on the Woodbury house last Thursday, and were able to bring up a first load that evening. We mainly brought Alex's toys and garden supplies- anything 'awkward' that we didn't want the movers wasting time with. Alex and Grandma Mary checked out the new digs and had a lot of fun playing in the empty rooms.

Our Friday was a LONG day. Alexandra and Mary headed up to Woodbury early in the morning (around 7am) to meet Auntie Carrie and await the appliance deliveries. Meanwhile, Dave and I finished packing up and, with the help of 2 Men and a Truck, got the rest of the stuff.....or- wait.... we couldn't fit it all in the professional moving van, so we planned on running one more trailer load on Saturday.Alex and Grandma spent Friday watching furniture and boxes come into the house. Auntie Carrie was there to help as well.

On Saturday, Carrie, Mary and Alex had the house to themselves as Dave and I headed to Prior Lake (after having to fix a flat tire on my Jeep) to load up the LAST of the stuff.....oh- wait. We STILL couldn't fit it all in, and had to come for one last load on Sunday. We got the old house all cleaned up and by the time we got back to the new house, it was suppertime, and Carrie had my kitchen all organized!

Sunday was REALLY the last day of moving. I can't believe how much 'stuff' one can accumulate over 5 years! We were down in PL for the last time, and said goodbye to the old house. Once our things were out of it, it didn't really feel like home anymore, and it was SO relieving to be FINALLY completely into our new home. Alex was VERY excited to see GrandPapa Claude when he stopped by to say 'hi' (he was playing hooky from a meeting) for dinner. She wanted to show him everything in her new house, and spent all dinner trying to catch his eye and share a giggle.

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