Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Growing Vegetable Soup......or at least some herbs

Since our new house is currently sans garden, we decided to start some herb seeds inside this morning. Alex has been obsessed with the book "Growing Vegetable Soup" by Lois Ehlert. The book uses bright cut paper images to show every step of growing vegetables- but Alex really likes the page that shows all the different seeds. She got some hands-on practice today.

Step One: Take the Jiffy pellets out of the container.
Alex signs for "water" when I ask her what plants need to grow.

Step Two: Adding the water to the Jiffy pellets. Alex kindly let me assist in this process, as the measuring cup was quite heavy.
Step Three: Fluffling the dirt with a fork. This was perhaps the most fun step of all! She was very careful to try and keep all the dirt in the container, because the baby plants needed it.
Step Four: Selecting the seeds ("Baby Plants" in Alex-sign language, "Buh-bee" in Alex-ese"). We planted chives, sweet basil and italian parsley.

Step Five: Carefully making holes for the seeds and patting soil around them.

She was so proud of herself, although the concept of 'baby plants' taking TIME to grow is a foreign one for a toddler. We covered the pot with saran wrap and put it on our kitchen table so that we can monitor it for daily growth. Every time we passed the table today, we had to check on our baby plants :-)

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