Thursday, April 9, 2009

Farm Babies are back!

Since we're leaving for our Easter weekend this evening, we had to miss MOMS Club Farm Babies visit tomorrow, so we went today.Alex was really excited to see the 'buh-bee's, and she was not disappointed. Inside the main building was a new litter of bunnies on display. Then we walked all the way out to the Farm, and visited the kids, lambs, calves, piglets, and chicks. I even bought some goat food so that Alex could feel the velvety nibble of baby goats.....although one of the Mommy goats actually ate most of it. She watched carefully as I showed her how to keep her hand open so that the animals wouldn't accidentally nip her, and then bravely fed them herself. It was one of the best 50 cents I've spent in the past few months!

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