Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend #2

It seems strange that this is Alex's second Easter! Even though she was just a baby last year, apparently she picked up some egg coloring and hunting tips, because she knew EXACTLY what to do in both situations. To keep from having a HUGE blog entry- I'll just share some photos with short captions.
The Easter Bunny was VERY generous this year-- he even found a playset to bring Alex for Easter. Alex was SO excited about the "park" that the bunny brought!
GrandPapa was happy with Alex's reading selection in Church on Sunday..
We spent time visiting with Godmother Cathleen (who brought Alex some great toys -- a kitty that she refuses to put down and some fantastic wooden food for her kitchen)

Alex and GrandPapa enjoying storytime on the couch.
GrandMama and Alex work on pattern recognition.
Time to color Easter eggs! Alex knew exactly what to do, and dropped each egg into a color cup with great precision.What is going on in there? Are they done yet?
Alex's Masterpieces (only 6/11 had cracked shells as a result of indelicate handling :-)
It was so beautiful out that we played outside ALL weekend! Uncle Willy had the best bouncing game.Time for the Easter Egg hunt! Alex took a while to get into it (because she kept screaming "PARK!!" and wanted to slide)...

...but once she figured out there were little animals inside the eggs, the game was ON!!!
Happy Easter!

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