Sunday, April 19, 2009

Countdown to the Move.

We are so lucky to have such great friends & family. Dave and I spent almost all weekend packing. How, do you ask, were we able to accomplish that with an 18 month old?

On Saturday, our friends Emma and Megan came over bright and early to entertain Alex ALL morning long. Megan is such a trooper, as the girls spent the majority of the time at the 2 hours! Alex had SO much fun, and is still talking about when Emma was at the park with her.

Sunday morning we were likewise blessed with Auntie Carrie coming over to take care of Miss Alex. Even though it was yucky and rainy out, they had plenty of fun playing inside and reading LOTS of books while Dave and I disassembled beds and packed up the final kitchen boxes.

We're pretty much ready-- just a few cupboards to go. The plan is to bring up a load of stuff in our vehicles after closing on Thursday morning (fragiles and awkwards), and then the movers come Friday. We are VERY excited to see Grandma Mary on Wednesday night.

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