Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back to Quasi-Normal

Al with Miss Chris- her beloved Kindermusik teacher.

In an attempt to try and keep things semi-normal for Alex, we've been attending all of her regular classes......in Shakopee and Burnsville. While it makes for some long days in the car, she really loves her teachers and friends, and I think it is really helping her transition.

On Tuesday, we took Grandma Mary to Kindermusik, where she was a great sport and participated with much gusto! :-) Afterwards, to split up the drive home, we stopped for brunch at IKEA. Who knew you could get enough food for 5 people for under $7! Alex also got to pick out a very special housewarming gift- her own slide!

As if this wasn't the most spoiled child in the world-- check out her new playroom.

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