Sunday, March 8, 2009

We're Making Waffles....

Another day of packing up and rearranging furniture started with Alexandra and Daddy making breakfast.
We think she's teething again-- cranky, slight fever, shoving her fists into her mouth until she know-- all the normal signs :-) She took two naps today (unheard of!). Even with not feeling the best, she still sat through an entire Stages Children's Theater production this afternoon.
The show started at 4:30, so I was nervous about a hungry kid, but Alex seemed to be captivated by the kids singing and dancing on stage. The play was based on a 'breakfast club' of middle-schoolers in detention who act out these different stories. No turtle or rabbit costumes, but Alex was still interested! I was shocked that she sat quietly (for the most part) and watched an hour long production.

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