Monday, March 23, 2009


Sorry it's been so long (an unprecedented event for Alex's World). Let's just say that guests + buying a house + the stomach flu makes for a rocky week or so. As seen on the prior posting, Alex has been sick and then in recovery for the past few days. We did have a visit from my good friend, Shelly, this past weekend, and she was a great help, as I succumbed to Alex's illness a few days after she did.
"Miss Shelly" and Alex at the park.

Today Dave worked from home so that I could have one more day to recover. We've been working really hard to get our current house in order for listing (it should be on the market on Wednesday).

Other updates:

-Our purchase agreement was accepted, and if everything goes as planned, we'll be closing on April 23rd!
-The house is in Stonemill Farms in Woodbury, so we'll be a little farther away from all our friends in the South Metro, but much closer to Dave's work.
-I got to pick out the granite for the kitchen and bathrooms! Granite showrooms definitely rate as one of the coolest places ever!

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Bloggin BB said...

We want more house details! Is it new that you got to pick out counters? Do share! YAY! Hope all of you are feeling better!